Fuyong train tomato growers and agents to strength management on raw material


In order to strengthen tomato planting management, improve farmers' planting level and ensure the quality of tomato raw materials, Fuyong 

Company actively organized tomato growers to carry out tomato planting learning and training to help farmers solve the problems existing in  

tomato  planting.

The raw materials department of Fuyong Company invited senior agronomists from Shandong Province to teach and study, and explained it  

from many aspects, such as tomato planting fertilizer, tomato pest control and so on. Tomato growers and some raw material representatives  

jointly studied and discussed the control of diseases and insect pests, field management and so on.

We think that the first step in producing the best ketchup is to strictly control the raw materials. Fuyong attaches great importance to the  

control  of raw materials and hopes to produce the best and safest ketchup by 2019.

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